Brazil Festival in Perth

Five months were dedicated to the preparation of this event, and that, thank God, was a success! An event made ​​by the community for the community!

Our thanks to the sponsors of the festival: Australia Centre, Bravo Migration, Home Migration, Information Planet, Leah Rio translations and Study Perth. The support of the sponsors made ​​the party viable.

brazilians students in perthMany thanks also to all tenants of stalls and a special thanks to the tents that were outside, in the rain, but by no means ceased to be major attraction of the festival: Australian Immigration Portal, Amazing BBQ, Braza Churros, Brazilian Hot Dog, BrOzzy Sport Club, Brazil Soul Chef, Cheesebuddy, Clean NRG, Southern Food, Brazilian Food Truck, Elvira Fernandes, Guerrilla Truck Foods, Melissa Dreams Perth, Mister Barista Coffee Van, Samo-Friends Pastels, Fri Secrets Lingerie, Telpas crayons, UWA Fencing Club and the bar of Secrets of Brazil.

Thank you to all exhibitors who have generously donated prizes to be raffled among the participants of the festival. We are also grateful to our donors for Children awards Catia Juliana Maia and Mariotto, by premiums ceded (2 x 1 month judo class for kids, cutting hair double for mother and child).

To our volunteers, brasilerios and foreigners who helped in various sectors of the party making the same happen to primacy: Augusto Cardoso, Eduardo Vimercati, Erica Gomes, Fabiola Korbes, Franciele de Souza, Fred Ramanzini, Kellen Santana, Marcella Kastrup, Olivia Carver, Patricia Almeida, Rebecca Bowel, Renata Gagliardi, Renee Di Bona, Sam Weight, Talice Jesus and Tim Oats.

A very special thanks to Fraxe Samya, who offered to show with charm and beauty, the charm of the dances of northern Brazil. Hopefully in 2015 more people will animate to show the folklore of their regions through dance.

A huge thanks to our volunteer coordinator, Flavia Oats, who is with us for three years, and as always, having a brilliant performance!

To our IT support and visual arts, Rafael Baldasso, who is always ready to
develop something new and creative.

Fabiana Lorezon, our official photographer, who, with their powerful lenses and your vision of beauty, managed to portray the beautiful moments of the party.

brazilian party perthBy Adasound for the sound and lighting for the party and Thiago dos Santos and his band service.

We hope to see them again on June 15, 2015, at the same location.

Those who are not yet members of Brazilians in Perth WA we invite to associate and consider being part of the organizing committee. Even if you do not want to be part of the committee but want to help us, welcome! Any help is always well accepted!

Participate, this is your association!